miércoles, 10 de junio de 2015

Áticos abuhardillados

Oh, my lovely dyke friends, you´re just as sweet as women use to be !
What will you know about my pantheism with Pola de Siero?
You come to this home, high-priced renting,
from the supermarket or any cafe dive, underrated jobs,

...I see
your teen faces, burguer girls...

I don´t know how we still survive among so many sights
if whenever we peek out the kitchen´s window
and the stink of the dinner goes outside

                                                        we see
                                                    the city,

that giant of neon lights and concrete monoliths wich awakes in the night
and steals stars from the depths
to give us the sodium bright!
or a carton milk in the fridge!
or a tetrapack wine in the park!

I realize that when we left the high school
a happy-go-lucky ghost was born, wandering through classrooms
into an unique world which won´t ever back

We had to forsake that universe we had grown to like,
losing faces, jumping to the real world
Innocent, remember´
Leaving dreams, staying hometown,
it´s this or to be a vagrant story...you know

I long for that road which head you out the town...
K´mon, K ´mon
start start start your car

GMA -Pola de Siero 2010

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